Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Megaman warmup

Listening to The Protomen while I work on commissions. I haven't played Megaman since I was in elementary school. My best friend Ryan and I would play it over at his house, and I drew sketches of what I thought the characters looked like. Nostalgia's a powerful thing, as any gamer knows. This isn't accurate to whatever the hell Megaman looks like nowadays I'm sure, and it's not really what he looked like then, but this is sort of how I imagined him as a kid; staggering back and determined as anything to get to the end of the factory level.

 ....This might be because I really sucked at that game, and finishing off a Robot Master was like a freaking accomplishment dangit. We played by the 'you die, other person's turn' rule, so I pretty much... didn't play very much at all, haha. My only solace was that for some reason I was way better at Mario than he was-- or that's what I thought anyhow. Little kids have to take their pride where they can get it.

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